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Will Solutions

Flexible Will solutions for your family

At Ray Webb Wills & Estate Planning, we prepare Wills tailored to your needs and family circumstances. When your Will is produced, signed and correctly witnessed, you will have a legally binding document that ensures your assets are distributed in line with your final wishes.

Standard Will


If you want peace of mind for your family.

Main benefits

Ensures your assets pass to those you choose. Avoids intestacy rules. Provides clarity for your family.


  • Specifies main beneficiaries.

  • Appoint a trusted executor(s) to carry out your instructions.

  • Appoint guardians to look after your children in the event of your death.

  • Outlines your funeral wishes.


Gift specific items, assets or cash to named people or your favourite charity, defer a child beneficiary’s entitlement beyond age 18, up to 25, pet care provisions.

Learn about

The executor's role and duties, and the importance of choosing appropriate guardians for children. Possible inheritance tax issues, care fees legislation, sideways disinheritance, funeral options, gifting, and potential losses to your estate.

Fixed price: Single Will: £120 Mirror Wills £190

Family Will (Children’s Property Inheritance Guarantee)


For couples wanting to guarantee their children an inheritance after first death.

Main benefits

Protects your children’s inheritance if the surviving partner enters a new, long-term relationship.


  • Prevents “sideways disinheritance” if your partner enters a new marriage or long-term relationship.

  • Passes half the value of your property into a trust for your children.

  • Surviving spouse has full lifetime occupancy rights.

  • Surviving spouse can move home or downsize .

  • Ensures half of the property value is shielded from any new relationship.

  • Includes all elements of a Standard Will.

Learn about

The laws around co-habitation, stepfamilies, adopted children and Property Protection Trusts.

Fixed price: £470

Inheritance Tax Planning Will


For couples with an estate value already in excess of, or likely to exceed in the future, the inheritance tax exemption threshold.

Main benefits

It allows a couple to reduce or nullify an inheritance tax liability after first death. It also protects against ‘sideways disinheritance’.


  • Passes half of your assets into two trusts – one for property, one for savings.

  • Full retention of transferable inheritance tax allowances.

  • Flexible access to savings trust for surviving spouse, with inheritance tax reduction opportunities.

  • Property trust protects half the value of your property against sideways disinheritance for your children.

  • Surviving spouse has full lifetime occupancy rights & can move home or downsize.

  • Includes all elements of a Standard Will.

Learn about

Inheritance tax, personal exemption thresholds, residential nil band threshold, transferable allowances, and how to reduce your taxable estate.  

Fixed price: £900

Everyone has unique circumstances, so we tailor your Will to fit your family's needs. Here's some examples of extras you can add to your Will:

A disabled or vulnerable person's trust to ensure their inheritance does not affect benefit entitlements.

A guardian's trust to give financial aid to whoever looks after your children. 

A business trust to maximise and retain valuable tax exemptions on qualifying business assets for your beneficiaries.

Need help to understand what’s right for you? Just call us. We’ll happily review any aspect of your estate planning needs and answer your questions.

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