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Will writing

Don’t leave it to the government to decide who gets your assets. Dying without a Will means your estate is distributed according to intestacy rules. For example, the rules of intestacy make no provision for unmarried couples. 

At Ray Webb Wills & Estate Planning, we help you write a Will bespoke to your particular needs and family circumstances. You may be considering gifts of money, jewellery, charity donations, providing for a dependent adult, funeral wishes, inheritance tax mitigation strategies, and how to plan for possible care fees. 

We will help and advise you on how to structure your Will to accommodate your wishes and protect your beneficiaries.

Lasting power of attorney

Avoid putting your family through a lengthy legal process; appoint an attorney to act swiftly on your behalf. 

No one likes to imagine losing mental capacity, but you need to be prepared.


A Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) ensures you appoint someone you trust to make decisions. Without an LPA, your loved ones must apply to the Court of Protection for a deputyship order. This is costly, time-consuming and requires annual reporting requirements. 

There are two main types of LPA - Health & Welfare LPAs - which outline where you want to live and how you’re cared for - and Property and Financial LPAs, focusing on your home, bank accounts, investments and bills.

If you have business assets, you can arrange a Business LPA. This lets you appoint someone who can deal specifically with your business's assets and financial considerations.

Care fees advice and guidance

The spectre of requiring long-term care is a big concern for many. In particular, the thought that care fees could swallow up the family home. 

Our respective experience and qualifications in the financial services and legal advice fields mean we can help you assess this issue subjectively so you don’t make unwise choices, which are often promoted with pressure and scare tactics. 

We will help you understand the current legislation and financial thresholds and run through options you could consider. If you decide to implement a particular option, we can help you establish the arrangements.  

Estate planning

From planning your funeral and passing on your possessions, to your home and finances, we’ll guide you through everything to consider for later life planning. 

You may have questions about Wills, inheritance tax, lasting powers of attorney, care fees, blended families and how to pass business interests. There’s much to consider, but our expert advice guides you in the right direction.

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